Quebec Quebec Les-Eboulements St-Irénée Tadoussac
Tadoussac Tadoussac Tadoussac Tundra Trail
Sault-aux-moutons Sault-aux-moutons Papinachois-river Papinachois-river Ragueneau
Ragueneau Pointes-aux-Outardes Pointes-aux-Outardes Pointes-aux-Outardes Pointes-aux-Outardes
Franquelin Franquelin Franquelin Pointe-des-Monts Pointe-des-Monts

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Constantly accompanied by grey skies and rain throughout the North Coast, we started our trip by Quebec, unique fortified city in north America, and probably the most european of all quebecan cities. We then followed the road 138, which stretches out alongside the Saint-Lawrence river on its northern shore. The landscape became wilder and the villages more and more isolated. Land of valleys and hills, beaches and deep fjords, not to mention rivers and lakes, the North Coast is in fact a vast region but with very few inhabitants. Finally, it is at Pointe des Monts that our journey came to an end, before the ferry ride to reach the Gaspesie peninsula.