Thamel Swayambhunath Kathmandu street Street terrace Durbar Square Durbar Square Durbar Square
Royal Family Bar Thamel Restaurant Thamel Jeweller Bouddhist shrine Street shop Selling peantus
Selling vegetables Old woman Old man Spices Street butcher Vegetable market Shoe seller
Maoist strike Bar Thamel Kathmandu street Street shop Kathmandu shop Young nepalese
Butcher shop Spice saleswoman Street shop Street shop Street butcher Street shop Bouddhist Temple

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Noisy, crawling and animated, Kathmandu never seems to sleep that long. Through the maze of its winding streets there is a daily show, representing this city's every contradictions: modern and traditional, urban and rural at the same time. Street shops and butcher stalls from another time, to the brisk spice or vegetable markets of the town's center, while passing by the Thamel bars, travel through a town of paradoxes.