Nurla Chilling Sheperd Trio Tsering Blacksmith
Lama Farmer_girl Nomad Nomad Grand-mother Grand-father
Abi Mother_daughters Generations Generations Grand-mother Elegant
Duo Padum Family Sheperd Yak-Man Pishu
Mother-Son Paysan Friends Blind_Nomad Abi Lamas

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Sleeping among Ladakhi, Zanskari or Changpa families every chance we had, our long trek was the opportunity of numerous and rich encounters : Phuktal lamas, shepherds of Lingshed, Skaya and Hanumil, families of Photoksar, old "abis" (grand-mothers) in Padum and elsewhere. All those encounters are only a few portraits which depict the richness and diversity of the wide Ladakhi culture.