Skaya Lamayuru Lamayuru Lamayuru Gompa Lamayuru
Lamayuru Phuktal Phuktal Phuktal Moinillon Moinillon
Head-Lama Phuktal Gompa Gompa Moinillon Moinillon
Cuisine Cuisinier Cuisinier Cuisinier Cuisine Cuisine
Tsempa Lama Lamas Phuktal Phuktal Phuktal

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Our autonomous trek enabled us to discover two of the most beautiful Ladakh monasteries still being used. Founded in the Xth century, the Lamayuru monastery is the start of our trek. Ten days later, we reach the magnificent Phuktal monastery, one of the most amazing in Zanskar. Nestled on a high cliff wall in a deep gorge, its gompa is located at the entrance of a suspended grotto. After meeting the head lama of Mune, we had the awesome and unique privilege of staying in the Phuktal gompa for a few days, settling in a lama cell, with almost all the freedom we wished in order to live the every-day life of this small monastic community.