Lamayuru Lamayuru Chorten Sumda Dundunchen Shila Prinkti
Mahan-Spangting Wanla Hanupatta Amat Gorges Spang Spang
Valley Valley Sirsir Sirsir Valley Photoksar Photoksar
Sunset Chi-Rok Aurore Aube Photoksar Bumiktse Sengge-La
Kiupa Murgum Murgum Lingshed Lingshed Yak Zanskar

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This first stage of our long autonomous walk took us to the doors of the Zanskar Kingdom. Thus, we left the Lamayuru monastery, close to the Indus river, in order to reach the villages of Wanla and Hanupatta, perched on deep gorges. After crossing the Sirsir La pass, we arrived in Photoksar, splendid village hanging from huge vertical cliffs. The ascent of the Sengge La enabled us to stop for a while at the magnificent monastery of Lingshed. Finally, after the Anuma La col, we crossed the Oma Chu river on a small wobbly wooden bridge, which symbolizes the entrance of the Zanskar Kingdom.