Maëlifellssandur Maëlifellssandur Maëlifellssandur Slyssalda Blafjöll
Blafjöll Myrdallsjökull Slettjökull Myrdallsjökull Myrdallsjökull
Thorsmörk Thorsmörk Utigönguhöfdi Fimmvörduhals Kroksafoss
Hornfellsnipa Skogafoss Skogafoss Dvergil-Night Dvergil-Stars

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The Maelifellsandur is a vast desert of volcanic rock and dust that we crossed in order to start a short but dangerous glacial walk on the crevassed surface of the Myrdalsjökull glacier. The Porsmork valley, dominated by the Myrdalsjökull and Eyjafjallajökull's glaciers offers the very first trees of our whole trek. Starting here, a long ascent to reach the pass between the two glaciers : on the other side, the north atlantic ocean and its wide black sanded beaches near the town of Vik. A rocky path now descends to the sea and runs alongside a deep canyon at the bottom of which thunders a succession of waterfalls, higher and more powerful one after the other, and finished by Skogafoss.