Ljotipollur Jökullgiskvisl Jökullgil Jökullgil Sveinsgil
Kirkjufellsvatn Muggudalir Strutslaug Ofaerufoss Holmsarbotnar
Holmsarlon Holmsarlon Holmsarlon Raudibotn Svartafellstangi
Maelifell Maelifell Maelifell Maelifell Brennivinskvisl

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The Ljotipollur lake peacefully rests at the bottom of a vermillon red caldeira, which we pass by in order to reach the famous Landmannalaugar valley. From there, we walked up the Jokulgilvisl river to the Holmsarlon lake. The milky water of this lake is the start of a three day trek during which we covered the eruptive Edjda Fault until the Ofaerufoss cascade. Back to the Holmsarlon lake, we wandered by its banks up to the Brennivinskvisl river. The lake's acid green water come tumbling down in a few drops, and it is also where the Maelifellsandur desert starts, all the way to the imposing Myrdalsjökull glacier on the horizon. In the middle of this lunar setting, the amazing pyramidal Maelifell, covered in moss.