Laufarhaun Laufarhaun Laufarhaun Laufafell Mud
Reyk Sundlaug Jökulhaus Reykjafjöll Reykjafjöll
Hrafntinnusker Austurdalir Haalda Haalda Klukkugil
Haalda Höfdavatn Frostastadavatn Frostastadavatn Frostastadavatn

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The Laufafell is an imposing tabular range overhanging the Marakajflot river. Not too far from there, the Hrafntinnusker region is well-known by the scientists for its géothermal activity : this wide caldeira is located at the Torfajökull glacier's side and is full smoking gases and bubbling ponds. Every step here is a discovery and a dazzle. We continued our solitary walk until we reached the emerald waters of a small isolated lake called Höfdavatn, and finished facing the huge Frostadavatn lake, in which lava flows slowly disappear.