Valahnukar Nyjahraun Nyjahraun Nyjahraun Nyjahraun
Hekla Hekla Helliskvisl Krokagiljabrùn Krokagiljabrùn
Hraun Hraun Krakatindur Krakatindur Raudufossafjöll
Raudufossafjöll Markarjfjot Vesturdalir Laufavatn Laufalaekur

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We started our first trek day at the lava foot of Hekla, the most active volcano in Iceland. Desertic hammadas, broken by huge lava fields, was the only landscape of our walk, thus giving us an eerie and desolate first glance. Our path bypassed the Hekla and its multiple lava flows that covered every inches of the area. Alone in the middle of this strange set, the Krakatindur mountain seemed the sole relief that resisted these colossal magmatic forces. We finally left this lunar scenery to reach the banks of the Markajflot river, overhanged by the wide Laufafell range.