Skjalfandi Usavik Dalvik Péninsule Péninsule
Glaumbaer Glaumbaer Vatsnes Vatsnes Vatsnes
Porvaldsfjall Porvaldsfjall Steingrimsfjördur Mjoifjördur Skötufjördur
Skötufjördur Alftafjördur Alftafjördur Alftafjördur Hinfsdalur
Hinfsdalur Bolungarvik Bolungarvik Pingeyri Ketilseyri

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We reached the western coast of the little town of Husavik. With numerous poles out to dry the fish, this small fishing harbour was the first village the Vikings built upon their arrival. Further north, along the Vatsnes peninsula, we watched an impressive colony of arctic seals. The road lead us finally to the West Fjords, as they seem to look towards Greenland, a few kilometers from the arctic ocean, and hardly linked to the country by a narrow isthmus. We're stopped by the fjords and the northernmost village of Bolungarvik, just before reaching the Hornstrandir, one of the most hostile and inhospitable region of Iceland.